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Macro Coaching


I am here to help you take the confusion out of nutrition. We have all tried fad diets and that have great initial results and then, not so much. I provide you with exactly what you need to make the right choices and foster CHANGE. 

 Our goal is to educate you and change your lifestyle.

I started EndurFit to take the confusion out of food and educate you using science backed planning. No fad diets and no gimmicks. We hope to change your outlook on food and create a new lifestyle.

Run Coaching

Extensive experience allows me to guide you to be not only a better runner but to enjoy running more. I have been calling myself a runner since shortly after my second child was born in 2006. I was overweight and lacked self confidence, I decided to start running and walking to get to the goal of completing a 5k. After that first 5k (The Sharon Timlin 5k) I was HOOKED! 

I just kept going and going and as the years passed I realized my love for the sport. I started to get faster and started working with a run coach to help me navigate what would work for me to reach my goals. Fast forward many years and I have qualified and ran The Boston Marathon 8 times in a row, ran multiple 50k trail races, 50mi trail race and keep working hard to get faster and stronger. 

If you need someone to take the guesswork out of your run and cross training workouts I would love to have the opportunity to work with you. 

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Nutrition & Run Coaching

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