Welcome to EndurFit Nutrition Coaching.

We are here to help you take the confusion out of nutrition. We have all tried fad diets that have great initial results and then, not so much. We provide you with exactly what you need to make the right choices. We provide education on your macronutrient goals, provide recipes and shopping lists and make tracking your progress easy, motivating and rewarding.

We have a plan from basic to 100% custom that will meet your needs depending on your level of understanding. All of our clients get our 100% attention and both coaches are available via email, text and phone when our clients need help. Our goal is to educate you and change your lifestyle.

We started EndurFit to take the confusion out of food and educate you using science backed planning. No fad diets and no gimmicks. We hope to change your outlook on food and create a new lifestyle.


1What is a "Macro"
Macros are macronutrients, the three compounds that make up our food. Protein, carbohydrates, and fat. These three macronutrients can affect metabolic function, immune system health, hormones, nutrient absorption, and our ability to digest food.
2What will I need to get started?
You will need a digital scale and plenty of measuring utensils. You will also need the smartphone app “My Fitness Pal” Premium. Most importantly you will need the willingness to change. Especially if this is your first time tracking and weighing your food, the process will feel daunting at first. But if you are consistent new habits will form and it will seem like less of a chore as time goes on.
3How do you calculate what I should eat to reach my goal?
Your Macro prescription is based on several factors; starting with your goal, whether it’s weight loss, gain, or performance based. We then take into consideration your activity level, body weight, body type, and response to certain types of foods to dial in the right percentages. These goals change sometimes every couple weeks depending on how you're responding. We understand sometimes life happens and we are here to help keep you on track.
4My friend did a Macro Plan with someone else. We are the same weight can I just follow her plan?
Not if you want to see results in a timely fashion or at all. One great thing about the human body is how very different we are compared to one another. The way your body and hormone levels react to one set of stressors or food can be vastly different then a peer of the same build.
5I am a runner and have a goal race weight, how much time do I need and can you help me?
The amount of time you need will vary person to person. Depending on your level of experience, weekly mileage and other life stressors we will adjust your goals a bit differently than someone who is say does CrossFit once or twice a week and has a busy job. In general you want to be focused on weight loss before you hit the last 12 weeks of your training cycle for your race so your focus can be on getting faster. During that last 12 weeks we would alter your macro prescription to meet the demanding recovery needs of your training.

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